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When nature sublimates you ...

Technical expertise combined with the powers of aromatherapy and plants for the care of precious assets.

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KOBIDO  anti-aging lift

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         1 session   Cure x3   Cure x5   Cure x10


45min       € 55       € 159      255 €       € 495

60min       € 69       € 199      € 325       € 619

75min       85 €       € 245      € 399       € 765

Manual face lift.

For smooth, plumped, "wrinkle-free" skin.


Japanese massage, tonic & regenerating, draining, revitalizing, targeted on the contours of the face and wrinkle areas.

Stimulates blood and lymphatic micro-circulation. Action on elastin fibers  and collagen.

Advice: take advantage of its benefits in CURE for optimum results!

Botanical alchemy



45min  € 49

60min  65 €

A COMPLETE facial treatment, with delicate attentions, and a unique feeling of relaxation.

According to skin diagnosis:

_Feather Softness - COAT SKINS


_Vegetable purity - SKIN TO BE BALANCED

_Jar din Botanique - DRY SKINS, TO REBOOST

_Pépite de Soleil - RADIANCE TREATMENT

Supreme resource

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90min 99 €


Botanical powers combined with KOBIDO massage for total regeneration.

1h30 of treatment, to find freshness, radiance, hydration, softness and comfort of the skin.

Fleurs Aquarelle

Discover  Zen Garden !!!

The Gascon artisanal brand , nestled in the Agen countryside (47) explores the treasures of nature to offer you a precious range and reveal your beauty.

100% natural products. 100% precious vegetable oils  and BIO, without coloring or preservative, 0% synthesis or mineral. *

* Suitable for pregnant women.

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