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Rituel traditionnel

Explore different wellness traditions around the world  

60min- 59 € / 90min- 85 €

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Californian massage


28 janvier 2021 017.jpg

  Relaxing massage par excellence, for optimal relaxation of body and mind. Well-being and muscle fluidity.

With the gourmet and sweet scents of Beach Coffees on the beach.

Balinese massage


Image de Chelsea Audibert

Due to its multi-cultural inspiration (India, Thailand ...) , Balinese is a complete massage combining various techniques. Deep and draining maneuvers come to relieve muscles and joints.

With bewitching scents of Monoï.

Abhyanga massage


Image de Nithin P John

Abhyanga is one of the many variations of Ayurvedic massage. Kneading, friction, percussion, will revive the energy circulation. Nourishing and regenerating warm sesame oil brings an additional feeling of comfort to your treatment. Only in 90min.

Thai massage


Image de Sumit Chinchane

Ancestral therapy, traditional Thai massage combines stretching, percussion, and digital pressure on the energy meridians. Improves joint ease. On the floor, on a futon, the Thai massage is received dressed, in a flexible and ample outfit. 

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