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Care tailored to your specific needs.

Tailor-made massage


For you, just for you! A personalized personalized massage to meet your current needs.  

45min 49 €

60min  € 59

90min 85 €

Relax back


Relaxant located on the back and upper body.

Relieves pain and relieves muscle tension.



45min 49 €

60min  € 59

Sports Massage 

Étirement des jambes

Deep and tonic kneading on muscle groups, percussion and oxygenation of tissues, joint mobilizations. Relieves stiffness, aches, and muscle fatigue. Prevents inflammation.

With anti-inflammatory and relaxing oils.

Ideal in pre / post effort.

45min - 55 €

60min - 69 €

90min - 95 €

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage _edited.jpg

Basalt volcanic stones transmit their earthly energy to you. A clever mix of warmth, balance and appeasement.

90min  € 99

FOOT Massage


Massage confort des pieds. Relaxation globale de l'organisme grâce à la stimulation des zones réflexes de la voûte plantaire.

30min 39€

Massage Ados


Massage détente pour le bien-être des plus jeunes.

De 12 à 16 ans (accompagnés par personne majeure).

30min 39€

45min 55€

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